Oct 28-31,2024 | Kyiv, Ukraine

Pastors' Retreat

offline — online


Bishops, leaders of Christian unions

Directors of Bible schools

Pastors, rabbis and their assistants

Mission and ministry leaders

Discuss burning and relevant topics / Establish new connections and unite to strengthen the Body of the Messiah / Take a fresh look at your ministry / Get new ideas / Become more efficient through experience exchange / Get inspired to do new project

Registration for the Pastor's Retreat will be open soon. Please fill out the pre-registration form to receive an early birds offer as soon as the registration opens. If you know someone who could be invited to the next Pastor's Retreat, please leave their contacts and we will send them a personal invitation.

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The Messianic movement has grown significantly within the last decades. It's very important for pastors to attend the Messianic events like this, since it's going to become very powerful in the future and being a part of it will be a great blessing for all.

Carl-Gustav Severin

Missionary, pastor of "Word of life" church

There's a great spirit of prayer here. The presence of God is really present, but also the heart to serve.

Jonathan Bernis

Arizona, the USA

Pastors need fellowship with each other in some ways even more than any other ministers. They can share their challenges only with one another.We talk, exhort, and even rebuke one another. And in this we have fellowship and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us.

Aleksander Dekhtyarenko

"Covenant of Jesus Christ" church , Zhytomyr

All seminars, teachings and sermons at the retreat are very practical not only in my personal life but in my ministry to people as well. That is, there are lots of things to chew on personally as well as to use in the pastoral ministry.

Oleg Sukhatskiy

"Yakhad" Messianic Congregation Berdichev, Ukraine